English Education

Despite All the Negativity

About Project

Since English has become the main language of international communication, it is essential for European citizens to improve their communication skills in English in order to:

  • communicate freely among Europeans in real life situations,
  • seek new job opportunities outside their native countries,
  • collaborate with workers from other countries in terms of exchanging knowledge in their respective professional areas.

Nowadays, young adults have a better understanding of the English language through formal and informal education than older adults who might not have had this opportunity to be taught English from the communicative approach. Our group is made up of Partners with experience working with disadvantaged groups of all kinds and some less experienced partners who want to learn how to deal with different training situations and to teach in a non formal environment.

The project will allow partners to understand one another’s methodology and pedagogical approaches to teaching conversational English. It will also support English teachers to enrich and improve their own teaching approaches. Trainers will be able to continue to work together, sharing ideas and experiences through discussions, workshops and observations and taking part in lessons. By using each others resources, methods and knowledge, we will continue to give lessons to our own learners in our countries in order to improve their communication skills. All our target groups will benefit from the project by means of better understanding of documents available only in English, being able to use support websites in English and feel confident in contacting others to exchange experiences and ideas when the communication language required is English. This project is needed given the high competitiveness in the labour market, poor access to English courses in rural areas, significant gap concerning English communication skills between different age groups and a common lack of communicative approach in formal English teaching systems.

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