APRO Formazione Professionale

aproAPRO has 2 training schools in Alba and Canelli, employing 100 members of staff and 400 professionals. APRO is a private non profit consortium which provide around 200 courses every week training more than 4000 persons per year in the following sectors: mechanics, welding and carpentry, computer science, eletrotechnics, clothing and fashion, tourism and culinary art, hairstyling and beauty, commerce and service activities, health and human services, marketing and communication, administration and business management, design and graphics, environmental protection, safety, ecomanagement and foreign languages.

These courses give to young people, for whom it is not always easy to find a gratifying job after the end of the school, the concrete chance to enter in the labour market as professionals in the following fields: tourism, fashion, commerce, culinary art, social and health care assistance, computer science and many others.

The courses at Apro have represented, for many years, a consolidated solution to assure a better social integration of immigrants as well as a concrete support to facilitate their access to the labour market.

Apro organises personalized courses for disabled students. The courses are planned and conducted by qualified teachers with great experience in the sector. The students receive a real support for their integration in the workforce.

Apro offers courses that represent ideal and efficient solutions for the entrance or re-entrance of unemployed adults into the workforce.

APRO offers the possibility of enrollment to Lifelong Learning courses to employed people according to individual needs. They can enroll throughout the year. Since 1999 APRO has taken part in the European Union “Leonardo da Vinci” Program for vocational training: exchanges of students and teachers, partnerships, transfer of innovation.